Interior Home Consult


The consultation can be at your home or through a phone or video call. During the consultation you tell me all about your wishes, your (house) problems and how you would like to use the space.

What you will get:
With a consultation I will have a 2 hour session with you. Before I come to visit you, I will talk to you on the phone about any problem areas and your vision for your home. During the home consultation I will give you immediate advice about the problem areas you have highlighted on the phone. In a short amount of time, you will get lots of feedback, sketches and help you need to get your home the way you want it be.
Afterwards you will be send an email with a summary of the things we have discussed and some additional information if applicable.

By having a consultation you have a good starting point and know where to go from there, whether you do it yourself or leave it up to me.

Consultation at home, 2 hours  – £139 (within 20 min drive)

I would like to book a consultation

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A great way to get a room totally designed and styled for you.