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Buy to sell house

If you are a (private) developer buying a property with the intention of selling it, we can provide you with a unique interior design service that will get you the maximum end sale price from that property.

We can do a full home design, or we can style and stage it ready to be sold. We can work to a budget you would like to spend on giving the house that little extra and make it more attractive to any potential buyer.

During our initial visit we offer advice regarding your property; specifically, what will make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. This initial visit is charged at £40 per hour. After the house visit, we will write up an itemised estimate in which we detail what needs to be done and how much the project will cost if required. The cost for this estimate is as below:

• 1 bedroom property £129.00
• 2 bedroom property £159.00
• 3 bedroom property £189.00
• 4 bedroom plus £229.00

If you would wish us to execute the proposed changes, we are happy to do so.

Holiday Rental
Interior Designs

Wherever your holiday home is located, a grand villa or airbnb room, we can make it look special.
We can either provide a full interior design service or a dressing service to make your holiday rental accommodation really stand out from the rest. When people go on holiday they love to experience something different than a standard good looking home, it needs to be a bit more special.

• Get amazing styling for your photographs to stand out on any rental website

• Provide your customers with a special environment to stay in

• Get great reviews to increase your bookings Prices depending on the scale and location of your rental.

For estate agents

If you have clients in need of assistance with property presentation, we provide a home staging and dressing service. It is a cost effective way to make the property more appealing to potential buyers without having to resort to a price reduction or complete refurbishment.

Interior Motifs offers the following packages:

An hour consultancy, with tips, advice and suggestions at the vendors property. After the consultation the client will receive an email with improvements that can be made and suggestions etc. It is up to the vendor to implement the improvements.

An hour consultancy at the property to write up the improvements needed. Followed by 4 hours working (with the client if wished) at their property. This may include decluttering, improving the layout, styling and suggestions for quick and cheap improvements e.g. Painting a wall or boxing in an unsightly boiler etc. We would also work together with the professional photographer to make the best possible impression.

All above, with 8 hours of work at the property.

* Property consultations are within a 20 mile radius of Market Harborough.

Small businesses

Interior Motifs can help you make a great impression to your customers by implementing a amazing interior.  Wether it is a clothing shop, office or hotel lobby, we can help create a memorable design.

We can work within your budget to get the best possible result.

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