Creating unique spaces is what I love most about interior design

About me

From the moment I can remember I always have been creative.
When I was little, I would change my room around many times a year (to despair of my mum). If I wanted something for my room, I would design it and build it myself, because what I wanted, needed to be different and wasn’t for sale anywhere.

I love family life and try to spend as much time with our little ones as possible. But I am also very driven and ambitious. I have been self employed as long as my working life. Me and my husband have renovated a couple of old houses, we like to get our hands dirty and get stuck in a project.

I love architecture and looking at buildings while visiting cities, but at the same time I love camping and active outdoor holidays. Older houses are my passion. I like to keep the character and give a home a renewed fresh look.

With eye for detail, hands on approach and unique creative solutions, you can expect a practical, yet stylish room designed just for you.

Spaces I design:

• Domestic spaces (living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, children bedroom, playroom, utility room, etc.)
• Small independent shops
• Small offices that need some character

You will always find some of these ingredients in my designs:

Muted colours, natural materials, plants, comfort, a splash of colour, practical solutions, mixing old and new, continental style,  cosy sofa’s.

Styles I love:

Urban, Scandinavian, Industrial, Modern Farmhouse, Eclectic, Contemporary.


I was born (and lived most of my life) in the Netherlands, met my Englishman in 2007 and moved with my family to England in 2016. I have 2 girls in primary school.
I had my own design business in Amsterdam, working for multiple brands and companies. I designed packaging, brochures, wallpapers and some interiors. During this time in Amsterdam (2012) I also set up Raw Eco Design, a cardboard furniture brand.

After I moved to England, I finally decided to follow my dream and focus solely on interior design. I hope to inspire you and help to make your spaces look fabulous. I will work with you to find practical and stylish solutions.


Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht: Concept Graphic Design
Design Academy Eindhoven: Man and Communication (product design)
Interior Design Institute: Interior Design

Nadine Richardson