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This week I have been experimenting with my daughters taste… My youngest one (6) has always wanted a cabin bed, so I’m finally giving in, I am going to build one with my father in law. She also has very a detailed and particular plan in her head for what her room should look like. I have decided to see what it will become if she ‘designs’ it. Obviously I will need to give a bit of guidance and choices, but ultimately she decides, even if I don’t like it (this is defo out of comfort!). I will share this experiment with you in a month or so, it might end up being every girls dream room or a total disaster.

How to make your house feel like home is a question that keeps popping up in conversations I have with customers and friends. If you would ask various designers, they probably all have a different answer for you. It is so personal and involves so many factors, but I have narrowed it down for you in a couple of tips and tricks.


The most important one is to personalise your home. Make your home unique and surround yourself with things YOU (and your family) like. What is important to you and what makes you happy.

For instance:
• If you love travelling, you could reflect that in your interior. This can be done in many ways. Think of an African wallpaper, a Mexican print rug or a gallery wall with pictures from your travels.
• If you love the outdoors, bring lots of plants and flowers in your home. Or hang picture frames with dried flowers.
• Maybe you are a real fashionista. You could use amazing fabrics in your interior. Choose the colours and fabrics you love to dress in and use it in cushions and curtains and the colours on your walls. Photos:

Sheltermess + jannwisdomdesigns


Everyone is attracted to certain type of colours. Use these colours in your home. If you love green, go for a green wall, maybe in your living room. This could be a paint, but can also be reflected in a wallpaper. If you love lots of colours and patterns, go for it! Dare to try it out and you will be amazed with the results.

Photos: Sophie Robinson 


• Have a look at how you live. What do you like to do most at home? If you love having long dinners, sitting around the table, make sure your kitchen/dining room is your best room in the house. Do you have enough seating? And if not, how could you change it to make sure you do.
• If you love to have family time, do games and hang out, make sure you have a large coffee table and enough seats in your lounge. Maybe you can create two corners, one for watching tv and another one for playing games or a toys area.
• If you have a lot of stuff laying around, see what you could do about storage. Maybe a different storage unit or perhaps a games cabinet in the lounge would work.

Photo Lushome


I dare to say that 90% of families have a messy home. This is a struggle point for a lot of people. If you have a busy life, kids, work, school and so much going on, tidying is not always your priority. But we do feel more comfortable and happier if our house is (more) tidy.

The golden tip for a tidier home is:
• Make sure you have enough storage space for all the things you belong. And when you do have the storage, give every item a ‘home’ where it belongs. This is a family effort. When items have certain spot, this is where it needs to be put back.
• To maintain a tidy home, you will need to clear out every half a year. Use the summer and Christmas holiday season for this. Literally plan a day in your diary to do this. If you do it every half a year, you really don’t need more than a day.

I will spend a whole blog about tidying tips in the future with lots of tips and tricks.

Photo Moretti interior design + house beautiful

I would love to hear about your favourite spot in your home. Have an amazing week! Nadine

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