Finding your interior style: Industrial

Finding your interior style: Industrial

Industrial is bold and rough.

This style is very popular in the big cities. Exposed metal and framework with distressed wooden elements, complemented by exposed brick walls. Industrial decor is often rustic with bold statements and showing the construction of a building. It is a great look in an old building, like a factory or a loft appartment where you can see the structure of the building.

Colors: Black, white, bright accent colours.
Materials: Metal, concrete, canvas, wood.
Shapes: straight and functional.
Dessins: Graphic letters, stamps, canvas.
Decor: Showing off the construction of the building, poured in flooring, no tiled floors, metal stairs, pharmacy cupboards, old wooden school chairs, art is big.

Photo’s: EnSuus, YvonneKwakkel, MyIndustrialInterior


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